Introducing WardPal!

WardPal is a care focused fast paced task app for all healthcare workers designed by ward staff for ward staff!

Visit to start using WardPal, its completely free; nothing to install; and no, we won’t even ask for an email address!

Holistic Care

Where a todo list might seem like reducing patients to tasks, WardPal is different. By giving you a fast way to add, check and complete tasks you’ll spend barely any time looking at a screen and more time focused on your patients! Prioritizing effectively and automatically means that unlike a never-ending list, WardPal shows you the time between tasks; and when you have those, you can take Moments to think about your patients.

Continuity of Care

Not only does WardPal help you be consistent in your care throughout your shift, it also helps to deliver continuity of care when your day comes to an end.

Handovers let you to share outstanding items with fellow health workers allowing them to carry on exactly from where you left off.

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A Really Simple Star Rating Input in React

One of our current projects has come with a few interesting UI designs, some can turn out to be quite complex but this was possibly one of the simplest yet. Looking online there are a few packages that can do this but it soon became clear that it might be much quicker to just write a lightweight component to do just what was needed.

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Testing in .net Core with xUnit

I’ve recently been getting my head around some new technologies that we were looking to use in an upcoming project. With a chance to work with the .Net Core framework as part of this, I wanted to look at unit testing frameworks to see what worked well. I’m familiar with MSTest in the .Net space but there’s been a shift towards xUnit as an alternative.

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Fast, Scripted Access to Encrypted Volumes using Dropbox and VeraCrypt

So I finally decided to move everything to the cloud and use Dropbox pretty much exclusively for all my data. The problem is I still wanted an extra layer of security for confidential information; password management, banking, insurance and personal identification in the event of Dropbox having a serious security breach or someone hacking into my account.Continue reading “Fast, Scripted Access to Encrypted Volumes using Dropbox and VeraCrypt”